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Welcome Goddess!!  We are so glad you stopped by!  The Body Passion is more than just a brand name.  We are a movement amplifying the unapologetic celebration and inspiration of Self-Love.  We launched in New York and have our minds made up that we will amplify our message of Self-Love worldwide!  We believe Self-Love is where both nourishing and healing begin.  With Self-Love, one can nourish and educate their mind, care for their body, and feed their soul.  With Self-love, one can find their innate self-worth to transform scars and trauma into journeys of Empowerment and Movements of Change.  It is our philosophy that with the power of Self-Love becoming the best version of oneself is possible.  And it is in that state, when you are your best self, you can live and love out loud!  Join Us Goddess! Follow us @thebodypassion.  Thank you for visiting The Body Passion Community!

- Founder of The Body Passion


Our love story began at home.  We started making body care products as a family, during the pandemic in 2020 to explore more natural options and ways to love ourselves, our skin, hair, and all of our imperfections. We began exploring ways our bodies needed to be cared for and ways we were resilient in this journey of life.  We fell in love with coconut oil, avocado butter, tea tree oil, and so many other rich natural ingredients that are expert lovers of our skin and hair.  The Body Passion, Indulging in Self-Love, became a way of life for us. 

As we were cooking up sweetness for our bodies, through this journey as a family, the love for bakery candles evolved.  We believe in love, and sweetness is just one way to show how much you care.  We've combined our belief in love, the vibration of positive energy, and our love for sweets. into our business.  Inspired by baking mouthwatering desserts for the family, a love for sweet scented candles, and an eye for beauty, Craving Sweets, our bakery-scented candle collection took its first breath!


We specialize in crafting candles that bring warmth and comfort to the heart and soul. Our candles are perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply enjoying the little moments in life with your loved ones. With our candles, you can add a touch of sweetness to your life, whether it's for a special occasion or just because.

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